Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The "Plus-Size" Femme Fatale

    Good fiction writing is all about using your imagination.

I mean, to really use your imagination in the creative writing process sometimes requires the most unconventional ways of thinking. In developing the plot for "The Safe of Old Lies”, I wanted to come up with characters that defined the unusual, the extraordinary and larger-than-life. After all, that's what good fiction is all about: a stretch of one's imagination through the use of imaginary events involving unimaginable people. 

 When telling a good story for your readers, your writing environment may not be just right, nor as inspiring as you'd like. You may have to adapt to uncomfortable surroundings, unavoidable distractions and undesirable time schedules. Believe me; I know and it's a struggle at times. But this may be a good thing for most of us in helping to produce a greater, more dynamic story than initially intended.

I'm a lover of big women. I grew up surrounded by a number of large-size girls and women during certain episodes of my lifetime. I grew to appreciated all of the new and wonderful things that I learned about them. Lately, I'm finding that the rise of popularity of plus-size models in the fashion industry, the professional working world and general acceptance among society has been gaining a lot of coverage in media. For a long time, the body types of plus-size women have been shunned and ridiculed, as well as made out as an abnormality. Thin girls have had their day but now everything seems to be leaning favorably towards the curvy diva. I'm no expert on women nor fashion, but what I do know is I have always liked what I've seen in plus-size women. And most men will tell you that, way down deep inside, we would much prefer and admire the woman with extra curves.

Enter Sara Wrightwood, one of the main characters in the latest Forrest Greenley Mystery, "The Safe of Old Lies". To develop Sara's persona, I used the photographs of several well-known plus-size models to get the inspiration I wanted in formulating Wrightwood's background. She's a former plus-size fashion model who falls upon bad times during this Great Recession. Ironically, the only job that available is as a secretary of a non-denominational church. In the development of her character, I tried to imagine what it would be like to experience such a transition in life, something which most have experienced to a large degree lately due to such challenging economic times. Sara's change in attitude about what she really wanted out of life prompts her to make a choice: be a humble, proficient assistant at the Armored Faith Congress for who knows how long? Or take the chance of a lifetime and hopefully never regret it.

The fashion models displayed in this post were a big help in accomplishing that goal. The women above are actual professionals working in various areas of the world of business, and not just only fashion modeling but entrepreneurship, retailing, apparel design, entertainment, media and much more. If it's true that "a picture is worth a thousand words", then I imagine that it should become obvious that these beautiful ladies are extremely confident about their body types and don't let such non-sense get in the way of their pursuits of happiness.

    The outcome of "The Safe of Old Lies" will shock many readers, but the only way you will know is to download your copy at Smashwords.com.

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