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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Apple's "Breakout Books" Campaign Going Global

Over the past few months, I've been watching with interest the emergence of Apple's "Breakout Books" feature and its promotion of Smashwords' authors. Well, it seems that Smashwords's consistent efforts of promoting self-published eBook authors is finally paying off through this campaign. Apple's "Breakout Books "  is an continuing promotional feature that started at Apple iBookstores in December 2012, giving many of Smashwords' self-published authors high merchandising visibility in many countries around the world. As of this week (March 4, 2013), there are nearly 40 self-published titles being displayed in this campaign by Apple, all of whom are Smashwords authors. The "Breakout Books "  latest drive has been directed toward iBookstore customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

You can read the Smashword's article here:
"Apple iBookstores in U.K. and Ireland Promote Self-Published Authors in Breakout Books Feature"

I'm writing this article because of the good feeling I'm having with the recent success of the Apple-Smashwords marketing collaboration. As stated before, the self-publishing market is looking more and more like the sleeping giant that is awakening the book publishing industry and in unexpected ways. So, if you're an promising author and want to be a part of something big, go directly to the Smashwords Web site, dust off that long-forgotten manuscript and get back on that keyboard! 

Smashwords is an eBook self-publishing and distribution site dedicated to promoting self-published authors like yourself. In a simplified world, it's virtually all the help you will need to get started. The site will give you practical self-publishing information and state-of-the-art eBook marketing advice that one needs to create, publish and distribute eBooks to a large variety of readers. Start by downloading and reading the Smashwords Style GuideSmashwords Marketing Guide and Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, all of which are publishing tools written by Mark Coker (the founder of Smashwords) to help you succeed. Once your manuscript is finished, you can set your own price, create your own book cover and begin detailing your personal Smashwords profile. The obvious success of recent Smashwords authors should be a clear indication of the potential you have in becoming successful in your self-publishing endeavors. Ultimately, it will take some serious effort on your part. But the best thing about Smashwords is that the tools created for you to write the next great novel are free, are proven to work and will make 2013 your benchmark year!

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