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"The Safe of Old Lies": Book Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from the next Forrest Greenley Mystery, "The Safe of Old Lies". 
Forrest is hired by a retired librarian to find a personal safe that was stolen from her home while she is hospitalized for breathing difficulties.
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In the meantime, enjoy the except and please have a safe Holiday Season!  


Chapter 17

The truth doesn't cost anything, but lies will cost you everything.”

We sat together this Friday night enjoying the culinary delights of grilled tuna burgers, a well-dressed black bean-mango salad, savory African peanut soup and a bottle of chilled white Merlot. Let me show how much my wife missed me over the past week: she bought me a three-pound strawberry cheesecake! (One of my greatest weaknesses, I might add.) Over the past several months, Tariah had been coming home early more often ever since her hair salon clients were dwindling in frequency. In a way, this became a forced opportunity for us to have relaxing dinners as they should have been: a well-cooked meal, frivolous conversation and relieving laughter. We were joking about the little big-headed son of a next door neighbor. He was your typical little boy, rambunctious, nosy and venturous. One day, I caught him leaping off the top of the fence in my backyard. When he landed, I stood in front of him like an unexpected giant, freezing him in his tracks. He looked to the right and left, and quickly came to the conclusion that there was no escaping me. This is what I said to him:
“If I ever catch you jumping over my fence again, I'm gonna take you and throw you on top of those trees, where the crows and hawks will eat you up in one night!”
Tariah broke out with such hearty bursts of laughter that I thought she'd never stop.
Then the laughter stopped, and rather abruptly.
I helped myself to another slice of delicious cheesecake while admiring the big, beautiful brown eyes staring back at me behind her thick, corded dreadlocks. The deep, significant valley of her cleavage pronounced itself with her every movement. She was wearing a black silk shirt that was, indeed, very tantalizing. I smiled at the flashing highlights and twinkles from her large golden earrings as they reflected light from the ceiling fan above. They were like signals that something good, even something mystical was in store for us this evening.
I don't know about her, but I was feeling pretty good and in the mood for those type of things.
“Is there something wrong, Tee?”
“No!” She hushed away my inquiry with a sip from her goblet. “What makes you think there's something wrong?”
“Well,” I said after a bite of the baker's delight. “I think I've known you long enough to know a few things about you. When you give me that look, it's either one, you're about to ask me something very important. Or two, there's something you've got to tell me that's very important.”
She ran the two postulates across a cloud above for a second or two, giving a confirmation with a spread of pearly whites.
“Very good. Very good. So you have been paying attention to me!”
“'Course I have. You think I would take our little conferences for granted?”
“Honestly? No. Somebody else? Yeah. But you? No.”
“I just love the little details you give me,” I smirked. “You're such a detail freak.” This made her chuckle and blush.
“It's not really's just might be a subconscious carryover from the type of work I do. You know how detailed I am about hair. There's...just a lot of...details....that go into the work. That's all.”
“I don't know,” I returned, rubbing my chin with a playful look. “Sometimes, that carryover can be pret-ty annoying at times.”
She gave one of those knowing looks, grinning at the ceiling fan before returning those probing orbs at me. This time, they were on fire.
“So you think you really know me that well? Huh?”
“I don't know. Is there more I need to know about you?”
She got up, walked over and sat on my lap, taking the last fork of moist cake from my hand and ate it. The flowery perfume on her skin titillated my nose with hints of jasmine and cinnamon, and the weight of her hips had given an enlivened feeling to my little Forrest.
“Damn you smell good!” I snuggled my nose between her copper bosom for deeper inspection. “What is that?”
She let out a girlish sigh.
“It 's called body lotion for women. I've worn it before, and you never said anything then.”
“That because I wasn't this close to you.”
“G-r-r-r-r!!! You men! You're all the same, aren't you?!”
The sparkle in her eyes grew brighter and melted me more.
“I missed you, baby. That's all I'm trying to say.”
“I missed you too, Tee. I was serious about becoming a better listener. And thanks for the cheesecake. It was very delicious.”
“More delicious than this?”
       She lowered her full lips against mine, brushing against them before the warmth of her tongue began raising my body temperature. 
“Now that tastes very delicious...Can I get some more?”
We kissed again, softly and tenderly, with doses of intense, unbridled passion. The moment felt as if we had nothing else to do. Forever. I liked moments like these. The anxiousness inside me was building up again, only this time I let its smoother rush flow through me and mix with the good food and wine. Then, like two ravenous creatures meeting for the first time, we went at each other with mad abandon. The video I'd seen in Dobbs' apartment was Mickey Mouse compared to what we were about to do. Tariah Nash and Forrest Greenley had some feel-good, low-down and heavy-duty nurturing to make up for after a long, troublesome week.
I rubbed her secret valley of deep pleasure with a delicate friction, telling her all of the dreams I had while away from her. This only made her respond in return with heavier gasps and stronger, deeper kisses, pleasurably grinding her magnificence against my tightening groin. I brushed her locks aside and added more stirring whispers of how beautiful she was to me, and all of the many ways I wanted to show her.
How we managed to get to the bedroom, I'll never know. But once we crashed onto the bed, it was time in getting to that timeless motion we both relished with impatience. She hissed with voiceless exhaustion as I ran my lips and hands over every square inch of her splendid, writhing body, taking no detours around the dimples, dips, nooks and crannies.
Grown folks makin' good love? Ain't nothin' else like it!”
That's what my uncle Henry used to tell me when I was young.
“...Ooh Forrest! Baby! What has come over you?!”
Grunts and groans, roars and moans were all I could manage in return to her whispered pleas and breathless requests, preoccupied with the mission being the man of her moment.
Kiss me here.”
Kiss me there.”
Do it, baby! You do it right! but you do it baby!
She give, I'd give, and she'd give a little bit more. I did my very best to paint the picture of her dream just the way she wanted.
I lost count of the times she called out my name.
Oh Fee-Fee! Oh ba-by! Oh dar-ling! Oh m-m-my!”
The soulful deep house music told us to 'let it feel good', and that's exactly what we did. My voluptuous lover and me got on a bouncy rhythm that would have tilted the Richter Scale, melting, shuttering, smacking, screaming, squeezing and then finally, finally, releasing, just the way The Creator meant for it to be. I enjoyed letting her be the woman she wanted to be, and I showed her how much I appreciated her doing that for me.
Uncle Henry was right.
There wasn't much else in the world better than making good love to a good woman.

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Book excerpt from "The Safe of Old Lies"
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