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Saturday, December 15, 2012

eBook Reading Device Market Is Changing

As always, change is expected within any industry, even in the eBook publishing market. This morning, I finished reading an update on Smashwords about the unexpected decline of eBook reading devices as described on ISuppli is an market intelligence and research Web site that provides industrial information and news about consumer electronics in the areas of product life cycle, breakdown of product manufacturing costs and other relative data.

In its latest analysis of the eBook reader market, iSuppli reports of the huge decline in market share of eBook reader devices, while increased consumer purchases of media tablets are predicted to climb in the coming years. Sales of eBook readers have already decreased to 14.9 million units this year, from its peak of 23.2 million units in 2011, representing a 36 percent decline. iSuppli also predicts a further contraction of 27 percent (10.9 million units) for 2013, as more consumers become inclined toward the more versatile media tablet.

One of the reasons cited for this seismic shift is the multi-functional capabilities of media tablets, whose sales are growing and led by such industry leaders as Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle Reader. Total shipments of media tablets are speculated to total 120 million units at year's end. The device's versatility, cost advantages to consumers and increased benefits to media tablet suppliers are all factors that are helping this surge in tablet sales.

So what does this mean for eBook authors and writers in the near future? More opportunities; a larger consumer market of media tablet owners who will be expecting the availability of more quality-oriented media content at respectable prices; and perhaps an expansion of the eBook genre into other areas of media entertainment.

Whichever way it turns out, we can be sure of a few things. In totality, the eBook publishing industry will continue to experience transitions for the better. Consequently, it will increase the opportunities for the creative community of eBook authors, designers, publishers and writers. And, most importantly, there will always be someone looking for a good, well-written and captivating eBook.

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