The Black Kabuki: Book Excerpt

Chapter 22
I might have been under considerable duress, but the trip in the five-hundred and-twenty horsepower German sports sedan was one helluva ride. Even if it might have been my last one in this life. We were in the same car that almost crashed into the Grand National on the freeway nearly three days ago. As we drove in thickened silence, I took note of the details of its interior. The smart-looking natural leather seats, indeed, felt plush and very comfortable, while at the same time deepening the suspense of the trio's intentions for me. Its sunken, dark matte luster would have been the perfect setting for a movie of my demise, if one were ever to be made. I watched Pointe's nameless henchman drive the muscled Audi S8 with a finesse that might have come easy after a few thousand miles on the streets of San Diego. All throughout the apprehensive trip to Gunn's house, he'd play every now and then with a variety of shiny technical gadgets on the stylish instrument pane…

The Safe Of Old Lies: Book Excerpt

Chapter 12
The one-story, three-unit apartment complex that Bobby Dobbs called home was located in Encanto. It was north of Imperial Avenue and not far from the barbershop. At first sight, the small building was pale and looked pinkish-orange under the mid-morning sun. To get there, I had to steer carefully along nearly 500 feet of a narrow driveway off Atkins Avenue. Hanging trees and wild brush smacked against the windshield of the car. Were it not for the entrenched tire marks trailing to the left, I might have passed the entrance to the graveled parking lot. From the looks of it, Dobbs must have been saving up money to buy an actual house one day. The rent sure seemed like a bargain here. Huge patches of dried, peeling paint were curling from the structure’s walls. Trash, loose paper and other pieces of debris were speckled and tossed about the empty parking lot. From somewhere in the distance, the lingering stench of an angry skunk permeated the dry morning air. I got out of the Bui…

The "Plus-Size" Femme Fatale

Good fiction writing is all about using your imagination.
I mean, to really use your imagination in the creative writing process sometimes requires the most unconventional ways of thinking. In developing the plot for"The Safe of Old Lies”, I wanted to come up with characters that defined the unusual, the extraordinary and larger-than-life. After all, that's what good fiction is all about: a stretch of one's imagination through the use of imaginary events involving unimaginable people.

 When telling a good story for your readers, your writing environment may not be just right, nor as inspiring as you'd like. You may have to adapt to uncomfortable surroundings, unavoidable distractions and undesirable time schedules. Believe me; I know and it's a struggle at times. But this may be a good thing for most of us in helping to produce a greater, more dynamic story than initially intended.

I'm a lover of big women. I grew up surrounded by a number of large-size …

"The Safe of Old Lies": Book Excerpt

Here's an excerpt from the next Forrest Greenley Mystery, "The Safe of Old Lies".  Forrest is hired by a retired librarian to find a personal safe that was stolen from her home while she is hospitalized for breathing difficulties. "The Safe of Old Lies" will be available for purchase soon at Smashwords is an independent publishing site that offers a huge selection of marketing services and publishing tools for independent authors and writers that are free and worthy of your review. All you have to do is provide the creative content. You will also find more Mystery & Detective Fiction eBooks there as well.
In the meantime, enjoy the except and please have a safe Holiday Season! 

Chapter 17
The truth doesn't cost anything, but lies will cost you everything.” Anonymous
We sat together this Friday night enjoying the culinary delights of grilled tuna burgers, a well-dressed black bean-mango salad…